This landmark Motion Records release features all of the singles from the long and varied career of the legendary Vic Godard and his band Subway Sect, on one beautifully packaged Mid Price CD.

All A sides are included along with all but two B sides. This CD fully documents a remarkable career beginning with the full-on 1970s punk of Nobodyís Scared and Ambition, on through the skewed pop of Stop That Girl and Vertical Integration. Next it's the jazz and swing era with Stamp of a Vamp and Hey Now Iím In Love, and the Edwyn Collins collaborations of End of the Surrey People, including Won't Turn Back, ending with the urban cockney rap of Lazy So & So from 2002ís Sansend.
The album also features some previously hard-to-find rarities such as Instrumentally Scared, the original version of
T.R.O.U.B.L.E. which didn't even make it onto the album to which it gave its name, and the Dennis Bovell Dub version of Won't Turn Back.

All tracks are the genuine original single versions, sourced from the original tapes where possible
, newly remastered, many of them on CD for the very first time.


'[Vic Godard] will remind you how one-dimensional other alternative music has become.'
Melody Maker

'If such a thing could be measured, Subway Sect were, for a couple of seasons in 1978, the greatest punk rock group in the UK, if not the world.'
Jon Savage (Mojo)

'Godard was already considered a legend, a home-grown, rock 'n' roll existentialist, a songwriting craftsman who looked to the then unfeasibly unfashionable greats for inspiration.'
Neil Cooper (The Scotsman)

'The importance of Godard has yet to be realised. He indicated ways that pop should go; he dropped hints, left clues. It is all there.'
Kevin Pearce
(Something Beginning With O)


(A-Sides in Bold)

01 Nobody's Scared
02 Don't Split It
03 Ambition
04 Different Story
05 Split Up The Money
06 Out of Touch
07 Stop That Girl
08 Instrumentally Scared
09 Vertical Integration
10 Stamp Of A Vamp
11 Hey Now I'm in Love
12 Mr. Bennett
13 Holiday Hymn
14 T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
15 Johnny Thunders
16 Imbalance
17 Won't Turn Back
18 Won't Turn Back (Dennis Bovell Dub)
19 Conscience Be Your Guide
20 Same Mistakes
21 No Love (Now)
22 She's My Best Friend
23 Place We Used To Live
24 Lazy So&So


Vic Godard, London, January 2005
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Audio Samples from the album:
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